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"In light we travel on this lineage path. Given opportunities to heal the past and prepare for the future. With all time in the present and unseen arms enfolding us, we offer ourselves to the bowl ... in belief and hope we embrace the water and each other. Deep gratitude ... deep water."
— Feather Jones, AZ

"You impart your womb; I feel your warmth
Far superior and ample, so natural and pure
For not just my soul, but those that are from me
With compassion, with ardor devoid of provision
Our blood is our harmony; our souls collide instinctively"

Your love is vast; you are my Mother. "
— Sarah, CA

Path of the Sacred Feminine —
Spiritual Retreat
For Women Only

Friday, Oct 28 — Sunday, Oct 30, 2011

Dear Sisters,

I realized I was having a difficult time conveying what you could expect to experience at the Path of the Sacred Feminine Retreat.

A few days ago, I just completed a personal 3-day retreat with the Water Bowl, under the care of the Four Grandmothers. I am still ebbing and flowing like the water itself, and it is yummy.

I have been privileged to do traditional quests, pilgrimages and retreats of various kinds throughout my life, and this one was among the most powerful and life-transforming events. Throughout my days, I heard the journey songs singing inside me as they carried me deeper.

I cried, I laughed, I blissed out, gained clarity of purpose, and found greater peace with who I am.

The day my retreat ended, I went to a nearby creek and walked. Fears – old fears – had melted away. I had faced my fears and now knew they didn't own me anymore. As soon as I got home one of those fears was tested, and my response was not anger, apprehension, withdrawal or defensiveness. It was love.

I left my retreat wrapped in a loving current of Divine flow and I knew that current was deeply evident inside me now. It is in my bones. I know that with each layer of "stuff" I release, I am more and more free. After months of being in this practice, what little struggle left within me is almost gone.

When I returned home, I sat quietly and wrote, not about my many visions during the retreat, but about how to put my purpose into action. Areas of my life that had been foggy and cloudy were crystal clear. Already, my clarity is becoming action.

And every cell in my being wants to share the opportunity of this retreat with you.

This retreat may or may not be part of your path. If it is not yours to do, then know my prayers are with you in your journey. Know that you are held in love for whatever is best and right for you to do in your spiritual awakening.

If it is yours to do, I welcome you with a full heart, knowing that you are about to unveil some of your mystery. You are about to shed lifelong fears more easily than you might imagine it could be done. You are about to experience a greater loving flow than you experience today.

You will be born anew. Such is the way of the Sacred Feminine. This aspect of the Divine gives birth to life itself over and over again. It is how we create for ourselves and how we create for the world.

If by chance, you would like to remember, in your bones, this beautiful way of re-creating yourself until you are awakened-then come.

We have purposely kept the price of this retreat modest to accommodate all of our sisters during a time that is economically challenging for so many. But don't let the modest price fool you. The Guardian Spirits who inspire us in this journey, the medicine of the Mother Bowl, the connection to the remarkable Spirit of the Water-well, what can I say-it is all so powerfully transforming.

Looking forward to greeting you with a hug in person,

Reverend Misa

Imagine Yourself at Path of the Sacred Feminine Retreat ...

Imagine you are in ceremony, sitting in front of the ancient Mother Bowl, feeling the support and prayers of centuries of women who have sat with this bowl in ceremony-before you.

Imagine singing journeying songs that take you into visions and dreams of personal transformation.

Imagine entering into a deep meditation with other women that not only heals your deepest, oldest wounds, but also heals the wounds of the planet.

This is Path of the Sacred Feminine Retreat.
You will spend two days immersed in ancient ceremonies and rituals created for women by women thousands of years ago, to help you today, to shed your limited beliefs so that you can emerge reborn into the world as your limitless self.

You will leave this spiritual retreat born anew, with skills to awaken yourself over and over again.

We could tell you more about what it will be like, but the truth is, when it comes to ceremony and retreats, you never really know. You simply arrive with open minds and hearts, ready to humbly accept a reality greater than you have yet known. In ceremony, you come to give from the Sacred within you for your greater good and the world's. And then, the Mystery unveils itself.

Those who have experienced the ceremonies, meditations and journeying describe it best.  Here is what the women have discovered:

"Each time I carry a wound or imbalance into my Creation Meditation, I am loving and healing an aspect of the Divine heart. As I hold the pain and discomfort and surround it with love and compassion, tears of grief begin to come. The grief is for the long-held separation of this aspect of me from the divine light of love. I find, almost without exception, that each aspect that I hold and cherish in this way releases a longing from within its own nature to return to Divine light, to return to the oneness. As each desire for wholeness is fulfilled, the very fabric of my own being is rewoven into a new tapestry of my true self." – Susan Gold

"I have been meditating for almost 30 years. In all my other meditations when I had a problem or I was facing an issue I wanted to resolve, I would go into the meditation with the intention of asking for the solution to the problem. I would wait in the silence for a vision or guide to inform me or give me direction as to what Action to take.

In the Creation Meditation, I have no intention to resolve any issue or problem. There is no action to be taken. This is a totally feminine space where I hold the issue or problem in total compassion. I just hold the issue until the energy shifts. I come out of it and my heart is lighter, my body feels relaxed and emotionally I am at peace. It is magnificent." – Ariann Thomas

And expressed in this beautiful poem, Did You Hear Me Sing? by Kelly Cole.

We will spend two days in the womb of the Sacred Feminine:

  • Praying
  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Dreaming
  • Visioning
  • Shedding
  • Opening
  • Being born anew

If you have a teenager, who has begun her menses, that you would like to bring, please contact us first so that together we can discern if this particular retreat will be appropriate for her.

domes retreat

Retreat Details

Friday Evening, October 28th to
Sunday Afternoon, October 30th

Friday Evening: Opening Talking Circle, 1st Part of Creation Meditation, Intro to Dream Journal

Saturday: Dream Journal, 1st & 2nd Parts of Creation Meditation, Talking Circle, Journeying, Women's Full Moon Healing Water Ceremony with the Mother Bowl

Sunday: Dream Journal, Dream Journeying, 1st-3rd Parts of Creation Meditation, Closing Talking Circle

The retreat begins on Friday at 5:30 pm, dinner is at 6:00 pm. Saturday begins at 9:00 am and finishes at about 9:00 pm (all meals provided). Sunday ends at 2:00 pm (continental breakfast and lunch provided).

This is a retreat in which one activity and ceremony builds upon the next, so please plan to be in attendance for the entire time.

Messiah Mountain Retreat Center, appx. 1 hr. 15 min. from Denver, CO International Airport.

Meals are prepared with dairy-free, wheat-free and sugar-free options. Please let us know if you have any other dietary needs.

Investment in Your Journey
$230 – Includes lodging and meals.
Cost is kept modest so that our sisters on limited incomes can attend too. In Native way, if you are able to contribute more your donations are welcomed. The true value of this weekend is about $300 or more.

If you are traveling with a Keeper, attending the special Keeper's portion of the retreat, and arriving on Thursday evening, add another $45 to your price for food and lodging. There will be areas where you can enjoy your own private retreat time.

Cancellation Fees
Before October 1: $25.
After October 1: $45

Scholarship Application:
A limited number of scholarships are available for those who could contribute time and energy at the retreat. Request scholarship application through our:
Contact Form here at this website. Scholarships must be submitted by September 15th in order to be considered.

Early Arrival
$45 – extra night meals and lodging. If you are traveling to the retreat with a Keeper and therefore arriving on Thursday night (when the Keepers meet for their own private workshop day) instead of Friday, you will find space for creating your own personal retreat time.

Register Now!
Space is limited to only 12 participants.

Single beds are provided. You will need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bag, or make arrangements to rent bedding.

Travel by Plane
When booking your plane tickets, be sure you will arrive in time to be at the Messiah Mountain Retreat no later than 5:30 pm on Friday. We will end around 2:00 pm on Sunday, so your departure should be scheduled around 4:00 or 5:00 pm.

If you are arriving by plane, you will need to arrange for your own car rental. You may be able to make some arrangements for sharing transportation with other women attending the retreat. If interested, connect with other participants at our Facebook Page.

Driving Directions to the Retreat
From I – 25, travel west on Highway 285 (Hampden Ave.) towards Fairplay. Go 4 miles past the C-470 interchange, and turn right on Parmalee Gulch. After you pass through the town of Indian Hills, look for a brown sign on the right with the white letters that reads "Messiah Mountain."

Ride and/or Rental Car Sharing
We encourage people to ride together, whether from another state, or even from the airport (which is about 1 1/2 hours away). To find other attendees and make arrangements for sharing transportation, join our Facebook Page.

Welcome to the next part of your journey!

If you would like to know more about the various initiation ceremonies, we recommend you join our mailing list to receive notices and information about The Path Of The Sacred Feminine and our Retreats.

For more information send an email through our contact form at: Contact page with a note that it is for Sacred Feminine Retreat.